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Spyware & Virus removal

You can drop it off at our Store.
We shall fix it in 24hrs.


If you don't have time to bring your computer to our Store.
We make it easy by coming to your Home or Office.
We can also pick-up the PC,Repair it in-house and deliver
it back to you ready to plug & Play.

How to tell you are Infected.

  1. Computer is running slow.
  2. Annoying Pop-up windows telling you that you are infected,Running "fake" scans and requesting you to buy the software.
  3. Unable to Access the Internet.
  4. Unable to run the Antivirus software.
  5. Blue Screen of death.
  6. Unexpected Shut-downs

What we do :

  1. We run troubleshooting tool-software to determine the extent of the infection.
  2. We remove all the viruses and spy-wares using high-end Virus & Spy-ware removal tools.
  3. We repair the affected operating system files and Registry files
  4. We test all the software and hardware installed.
  5. PC Check-Up and cleaning: Clean debris and dust from case, fans.
  6. Diagnostic: We troubleshoot the system to see if there are any other unseen problems.
  7. In-case the Virus has infected the Computer severely and we need to re-install the Operating System we shall advise you accordingly.We DONT just wipe your System,in-case you need to save your Data.
  8. Once your PC is clean, we'll help you install the most current and effective antivirus and anti-spy-ware tools available to prevent the problem from reoccurring.

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