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Data Backup

We know that your data is very important to you. Home users have family pictures, videos and  important documents.  Business users have important data such as clients databases ,tax documents and many more.

You can drop it off at our Store.
We will work on it as fast as possible


If you don't have time to bring your computer to our Store.
We make it easy by coming to your Home or Office.
We can also pick-up the PC,Repair it in-house and deliver
it back to you ready to plug & Play.


What we do:

  1. We provide several different  Data transfer options.This depends on whether  you want to transfer to - flash drive,external hard-drive, another computer,etc.
  2. We transfer the data up-to 40gb.
  3. Confirm all data is transferred.
  4. If needed we setup and configure your back-up software schedule.
  5. if you need online Back-up we recommend the best choice.

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Call 1-913-268-8500
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